Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rusty Reckons: Pocono

Man, am I glad to be back in the Commonwealth. A few days in New York's retirement community (i.e. Florida) had ole Rusty singing "Carry Me Home to Ole Virginee". Let's just say coons, alligators, crazy birds, and Rusty don't mix.

Rusty's travels kept predictions for the Brickyard from materializing, but if you watched that debacle of a race, don't reckon it much mattered. Goodyear really screwed us on that deal, and it's a real shame NASCAR's taking the blame. Shame on you, tire boy!

Now, we're coming back to Pocono and the rolling hills of Pennsyl-tucky. This is perhaps the oddest shaped track on the circuit. There's only 3 turns, and the infamous "tunnel turn" seems to always reak havoc on drivers. Pocono is a flat track with very very long straightaways. To run well here, you've gotta have a lotta horses under the hood, and an ability to make the car turn through the corners very well.

After his 2nd win of the season, and a uber-dominant one at that, Ole Jimmie's starting to show his true championship caliber. He runs well at Pocono, so Rusty's going to get on the bandwagon and pick him for this week's A List.

The B list is a bit more of a crap shoot. There are several drivers in that list who would run well, but as we get later into the season, I'm using up my good drivers. So, this week, I'm going to pull a new pony out of the stable. David Regan, who took over the #6 Roush Ford for the elder statesman Mark Martin, a few years ago, is slowly improving week to week. I'm gonna go with a longshot and put him in the mix for this week.

C List is Travis Kvapil. Poor fellow is so ugly it's funny. Reckon that's not a bad reason to pick'em.
A List
- J Johnson (48)
B List
- D Regan (6)
C List
- T Kvapil. (28)

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