Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rusty Weighs In on Being the Best in the ACC!!!

Alright, It's time for Rusty to weigh in on this here little argument. Seems some nut over at an unnamed national sports news web site, posted a bonehead list of stadiums in the ACC ranked by toughness.

As you can imagine, several REAL ACC fans took umbrage with that list. Those responses are below.

Well, not to be out done, Rusty's crafted his own list of best stadiums in the ACC.

1. Death Valley (Clemson) - C'mon! 80K+ screaming South Carolina rednecks!!!!! What's more impressive than that? And the whole running down the hill, smacking the rock is just plain awesome. Purple and Orange is an ugly combo, but the orange crush of Death Valley is impressive and deserving the #1 spot.

2. Doak Campbell (Florida State) - As the largest stadium in the ACC and the home of the historically best team in the conference, this rightly deserves a #2 position on this list. While recent years haven't brought a lot of wins to the Seminoles, going into Tallahassee against Bowden is no easy task, and it's not made easier by the fans in the stands.

3. Lane Stadium (VA Tech) - This has topped the previous lists, but this newcomer to the conference will need to prove it's tradition over a longer period of time, before ole Rusty jumps it up to #1. That being said, I've heard tell of an insanely loud (and often cold) place to play football is right here in the high country of Virginia.

4. Carter Finley (NC State) - Numerous coaches both college and pro have remarked at the awe of the new Carter Finley. Not only does it inspire awe, but it's loud as anything. The venerable Bobby Bowden called it one of the loudest he'd ever been too. In recent years the product on the field has not been much to write home about it, but mark Rusty's words, TOB is going to improve that, and Carter might just move up this here little list.

5. Scott Stadium (UVA) - Admittedly, 1 of only 2 stadium's Rusty's had the privilege of attending, this is a surprisingly impressive place to watch a football game. With the arrival of Al Groh, the stadium has been enclosed on one side, and the traditional yuppy tie wearing fans have begun to don more appropriate Saturday afternoon attire. I too am confused by the Auld Lang Syne, but whatever, it works when thousands of fans are singing and swaying in unison.

6. Bobby Dodd (GA Tech) - It gets some extra tradition points for being the oldest in NCAA, but I would agree the crowd leaves a little to be desired from time to time. However, seeing as Rusty's a bit of a car fan, I love the whole Ramblin' Wreck idea. Mabye one of these days, they'll call Rusty to drive that thing on the field. Boogity Boogity!!!!

7. Dolphins Stadium (Miami) - They are going to be playing in an NFL stadium for crying out loud. Second of all, they couldn't even fill out the Orange Bowl consistently. Miami has been a HUGE disappointment to the ACC.

8. Byrd Stadium (Maryland) - First of all, to those who've never been, the TV angle at this field makes this place look much bigger than it is. One endzone is completely open, and the upper deck only covers 1 side of the field. The rest of the stadium is just a smaller lower bowl. Secondly, the fans are pathetic. I was there a few years ago for Maryland's homecoming. It was a close game at 1/2 time, but I swear in the 2nd half there were more Pack fans than Terp fans. Maybe they had to go burn mattresses or something.

9. Alumni Stadium (Boston College) - It's way too far north.

10. Kenan (UNC) - It's Carolina, and as Rusty's fight song says, "Go to H**, Carolina" . . . Pine trees? Give me a break!

11. Groves Stadium (Wake) - Does anyone even go to Wake games? I mean, they have a football team, and a pretty decent one, but there's only like 5,000 students at Wake to begin with, so they don't really have the diaspora to fill a stadium, much less put on a good fan showing.

12. (Duke) - Worst team in the NCAA's, nuff said.
Now, I'm sure folks will take some umbrage at Rusty's list. So,

Y'all come back now, hear?

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