Friday, July 25, 2008

Rutgers Should Give Whatever It Needs to Have Schiano Stay


The Asbury Park Press, most well known for detailing Ren McCormack's 8-yard post route against Sacred Heart in the late 90's, has since moved on to blow the lid off Rutger's Head Coach Greg Schiano and his "secret" contract.

Wait a are trying to tell me that a college football coach has clauses built into his contract the public doesn't know about? That's crazy talk, and I won't have it.

Turns out Schiano, who should have a statue of himself thrown up in Piscataway for taking Rutgers from a joke to a gem, has a provision in his deal that allows him to walk in 2009 if seats are added to the palatial Rutgers Stadium. In addition, he gets 250K from a sports marketing company that, among other things, helps promote the Rutgers brand.

I know people in the tri-state area generally aren't big on college football because there hasn't been a local team to latch on to, but in the places where college football is king, these type of contracts are the norm and you would probably find that Schiano is on the cheap side of things. One can only guess what has been worked into Bobby "I'm just going to the store for some milk" Petrino or Nick Saban.

Anyway, long story short, Rutgers should give Schiano whatever he needs to stay on board even if that means more seats in the stadium.

--Posted by Cadillac Mescalade

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