Thursday, July 24, 2008

Umpires Use Web 2.0 Widgets to Prep for Games

Yet, still cant figure out how to avoid foul balls.

According to an article today at, "Using IBM's Websphere Portal, MLB umpires can now get information on weather, player statistics and history to help them prepare for games."

While baseball is portrayed as old fashioned and slow, and issues like instant replay make headlines, the league continues to be out in front on the technology front as a whole.
Umpire Desktop is based on IBM's Websphere portal, an interface that allows users to mix and match widgets and pick what information they want from sources both inside the firewall and out. IBM and MLB say this will help umpires be able to customize their pre-game routine.

For instance, an umpire can use a widget from Google Gadgets to check the day's weather forecast for the city where he is about to umpire a game. He also can view a widget from MLB that shows him player history and warns him of past incidents between two players on opposing teams.
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