Monday, August 25, 2008

Citing Conversations with Players & Coaches, Phillies Beat Writer Bemoans Lack of Access

And us lowly bloggers think we have it bad...

Phillies beat writer Randy "Randorino" Miller wants to be honest about players (right after he has dinner with their families). But how can he when he can't even get Pat Burrell to give him a few minutes?

In an unintentionally funny piece about "The Bat" cutting out on reporters after his 5-RBI game the other night against LA, Randorino inflates his self worth to assume it is more than staring at naked jocks as they scrub their asses after games in hopes of getting a mediocre quote for a mediocre game recap.

Here's a money quote for you, straight from Miller: "But Burrell has gotten on me for being a tough reporter, sometimes in front of others."

"Tough reporters" apparently cry about getting stiffed.

It's a funny read. Check it out: "Another media stiffing, this time from Pat the Scat."

(Wait a minute..."Stiffing" from the "Scat"? I'm beginning to think this goes much deeper than an interview snub.)

Anyway...Note the way he blasts the players for not talking once or twice, when in the same breath he mentions how good Burrell has been to him. Watch as Randy builds Burrell up and basically says "you make my job hard."

Be warned... WATCH OUT! For Dropping Names!
  • "When Charlie was done talking, we all headed to the clubhouse..."
  • "(I brought this up to Manuel on Saturday and he agreed)."
  • "When I asked Phillies Public Relations official Greg Casterioto if this true ..."
  • "Wagner was out to dinner with myself..."
  • "Earlier this year, a Phillies player approached me about this topic."
Can I be paid to have complete access to these players, and get NOTHING?

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MMayes said...

Good post! I can't stand the writers that try to market themselves and make themselves to be something important. I know the athletes realize on some level that the media attention is part of what helps them command such high salaries. But for the writers to think the players "owe" them time, when those same writers are just as likely to blast them if the catch them in a compromising situation, is ridiculous.

(P.S. After reading the EnglishFail Blog that the Steelers' sign came from below, I'm a little nervous about posting anything at all.)