Sunday, August 31, 2008

Don't Take Kansas' AD to Vegas

A little late, but interesting to note: In July, University of Kansas coach Mark Mangino signed a two-year contract extension that makes him the third-highest paid coach in the Big 12, behind Oklahoma's Bob Stoops and Texas' Mack Brown.

There are a few interesting things in the KC Star's breakdown of the contract , including the writer's assertion that Mangino can now afford to "eat at the same dinner table as Texas' Mack Brown." (Insert your own all-you-can-eat buffet reference here.)

But what really got my attention was a provision in the contract that says, if Mangino dies, his estate will receive $300,000 for every year after 2008 that he coaches. With Mangino's body mass index approaching triple digits, I can understand why this was a very real concern for KU, Mangino's family and our nation's pork producers.

For the record, I had the opportunity to spend a few minutes with Coach Mangino at the American Heart Association's Bear Bryant Coach of theYear Award ceremony last winter, and you would be hard-pressed to find a more genuinely nice guy. I certainly don't want anything to happen to the man. But when your employer is essentially betting the under on your life expectancy, that can't be a good sign.

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