Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dunbar's Olympic Size Bits and Pieces

  • All Olympics not in the eastern standard time zone should be forbidden.
  • Discovered what intramural college "athletes" have long known, badminton is awesome and not simply for the sophemoric (sp?) innuendos.
  • If Mariel Zagunis screamed every time she won a point against me, I would want to stab her harder with my sword.
  • Thank you women for lowering your standards on what constitutes an attractive man. Us long faced gangy people salute you. However, you must still look like Jessica Biel.
  • According to NBC/GE, Mongolia is responsible for China's deplorable air quality, not China's lack of air quality industrial standards that allow industries to billow minute particular matter and ozone into a sunken topographical area. Stupid Gobi Desert.
  • Captivated by the different type of sweepers for various sports, sand sweepers, volleyball court sweepers. The coordinated badmitten sweeper with their super squeegies are favorite so far.

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