Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dunbar's Olympic-sized Bits and Pieces

  • Michael Phelp's life consists of eating, swimming, his dog and sleep. His dog sitter must be dropping bricks right now. Not only could a spilled gallon of delicious antifreeze destroy the spirit of the champion and therefore the country, but the French and the Thorpeedo may very well be lurking in the bushes in search of the most popular bulldog since Meaty.

  • Did you know that Misty May and Keri Walsh want to start families after the Olympics? Time to turn to the second page of the talking points boys. Is there more pressure on a set of reproductive organs in the country than these two?
  • Who invented the butterfly stroke? In what circumstance would you ever swim like that? Swimming strokes should be based on survival techniques not a contortion done by a 13 year old in his backyard pool.
  • As the days go by, we are finding out more and more aspects of the opening ceremony were faked e.g. fireworks, singing. I wouldn't be anywhere near the Bird's Nest the day after the closing ceremony. It is probably made of tin foil and paper mache.
  • I put my pants just like the rest of you, one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I break world records. I'm Bruce Dickin...Michael Phelps.
  • Mary Corella might have been the inspiration for Jim Carrey's Vera De Milo.

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