Friday, August 15, 2008

Dunbar's Olympic-sized Bits and Pieces

  • The Swedish wrestler didn't toss his medal on the ground because he thought the judges were corrupt, he was the first to realize that the Chinese were giving out counterfeit medals.
  • I'm going to see whether some NBA players that are not selected by St. Peter, I mean Jerry Colangelo, want to be on my handball team and take home America's first gold medal in the sport. Is Chris Kaman available? Oh, that's right.
  • Do you think Kristin Armstrong sang, "I can ride my bike with no handle bars," the entire time while winning cycling gold?
  • Beach volleyball in the morning, beach volleyball at night. Come on already. Even NBC's online TV listing is exacerbated saying, "More beach volleyball."
Hug it out.
  • Swimmer Lochne on the medals platform, "Really. You are going to give me roses? Dude, seriously, I'll just take the medal. No, really. Fine, I'll hold them."
  • Horse dressage is tons more fun when its called Medieval Times and I am eating a giant turkey leg.

1 comment:

The Prophet said...

Medieval Times rules!! But so does beach volleyball as long as its the chicas involved!