Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dunbar's Olympic-sized Bits and Pieces

  • The Olympics are in China and they call Ping Pong "Table Tennis." Huh?
  • Both NBC online and beach volleyball announcer Chris Marlowe have used the term "phelpsian" to describe effort. No. Stop it.
  • If those are the drapes, I don't want to see the carpet.
  • Al Trautwig mentions that Alicia Saracone is the second most searched athlete next to Michael Phelps. I'm not sure its because people are looking for information on her misses in the gymnastics team event, Al. The missed steps will wash away once Hef calls.
  • The outfits for the women sprinters must have been outsourced to this season's pathetic Project Runway contestants. The faux collars are not fashion forward and the designer did not make it work.
  • China could learn a thing from western culture. When your stadium is half empty, you let people sit in the good seats to make it look full for the cameras. Helps with that whole freedom of the press thing.
  • You lika da Bella don't you, eh? The Bella is good, no? I knew you like da Bella.

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