Monday, August 18, 2008

Iron Ref Round 7

Week 7 of Iron Ref begins today. We submit to you 3 more celeblogebrities who have agreed to brave HHR's Kitsch-en Stadium.

But first, the secret ingredient is...



JP is a man, not a machine. He's also the namesake for Pyle of List, a contributor for National Lampoon's Zaz Report and proprietor of the Sexy Man Index for the feature "Voodoo Sabremetrics" on Babes Love Baseball... which ironically (using Alanis Morisette's loose understanding of the word) could be his best work. He's appeared on TV's "The Singing Bee" and in the background of several sporting events where his parents swear they saw him. JP is a part-time blogger, full-time lover and generally decent guy. If you ever meet him, he'll probably be wearing flip flops and will greet you with a kind embrace, not unlike that of long-separated brothers.

Michael Rand started RandBall in December 2006 with hopes of changing the world and saving the puppies. So far, however, he's only succeeded in using the word "redacted" a lot.

Jarrett Carter is the man of a thousand blogs, or five to be more precise. His journalism exploits include stops in the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun and the Black Sports Network. He divides his time between writing and obsessively commenting on various popular and start up blogs, his day gig as a PR executive, and his loving wife of 11 months. One thing about Jarrett that surprises a lot of people in the blogosphere is that he's black.

For a full description of Iron Ref, please click here.

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