Monday, August 4, 2008

Martha vs. Dale

Martha Stewart visit led to removal of Earnhardt flags

Wait a second, in Kannapolis, NC, the birthplace and home of the greatest racecar driver of all time, Dale Earnhardt; a town situated in the center of NASCAR country, Martha Stewart is somehow more important than the Intimidator?

Did Rusty and his cohorts at HHR miss some big press release announcing that Martha Stewart, who's apparently studying to be an nuclear physicist, is a more revered figure than Dale Sr?

"Last week, city workers took down flags honoring Earnhardt after an official at Murdock's real estate company and a local tourism official said some were dirty and torn and might upset a Murdock guest [Martha Stewart]"

I reckon it's good that folks are trying to impress outsiders, part of that whole southern hospitality thing. But geez, don't take down banners honoring God's driver in his hometown. Just don't make no lick of sense!

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