Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pool Tang

Trusty correspondent Assassin Avenue spent the past few days at a boring conference. However, all was not lost because his hotel room had HDTV and the Olympics were on. In the spirit of pure journalism, Assassin Avenue paid close attention to women's swimming and can now award the "Hot Swimmer Medals of the 2008 Olympiad."

Bronze: Federica Pellegrini, Italy.
2008 Medal Talley: One Gold

Silver: Laure Manaudou, France
2008 Medal Tally: no medals, but has been involved in a Olympic Love Triangle

Gold: Stephanie Rice, Australia
2008 Medal Tally: Three Golds

Our gold medal winner's talent has not gone unnoticed in the land down under. Beyond her medals, her accomplished include being an underwear model, recently breaking up with her boyfriend, and some naughty facebook photos:

All hail the gold medal winner. She's got it all. Gold Medals, endorsement deals, and a hot accent that doesn't require feeling guilty about not speaking her native language.

And she's clearly thrilled at this honor:

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