Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rusty Reckons: Bristol

THUNDER VALLEY!!!! One of Rusty's favorite tracks (also the toughest tickets to get), and it's a night race ta boot. Bristol's got some of the steepest banking on the circuit (used to be the steepest), and that makes for some exciting racing on what's called the "world's fastest half-mile". I think ole DW says it's like flying F-16's in a school gym. Rusty couldn't agree more.

Photo: ESPN

Now that Bristol's got progressive banking there's multiple grooves of racing. You can actually pass up high! Ole Dale Sr. might be shedding some tears in heaven as the days of the "bump-n-run" slowly fade into the distance, but Rusty's starting to the like the ability to pass up high.

Bristol's old school attitude requires driver's with a bit of an old school style, wheelmen we like to call them. Cars that make it to victory lane often do so with tire marks, scuffs, and even dints-n-dings on 'em cause the drivers had to claw his way to victory. That's why fans love watching the Bristol race.

Picking the right wheelman for your fantasy team is the tricky part. Continuing my rash of crazy picks, I've got a few more for you this week.

The 24 team is one of the best at Bristol. Jeff's got 5 wins at Bristol to lead all active drivers (with Kurt Busch). While he's not won there since 2002, he continues to post top 5's, 10's, and has finished outside the top 20 only once. His qualifying effort is even better, giving you an opportunity to double dip in some fantasy leagues. Rainbow boy's currently in a bit of a slump, but he WILL break out. What better place to do it than one of his best tracks.

I've already mentioned my B List pick . . . Kurt Busch. Kurt has just as many wins at Bristol as Jeff, including four consecutive victories from 2002 - 2004. Since the streak ended, he's had one more victory and 3 top 10's. The other years weren't so kind, but his streak of every other race continues, we are due for a good finish this coming weekend. Rusty likes to gamble on odd patterns, so there you go.

Lastly, the C list . . . ugh . . . it's like picking between KFC or Popeye's, when all you want is Bojangles, but never the less, Rusty's got a job to do. David Reutimann seems like just as good a gamble as anyone. He did pretty well last week, started 7th and finished 14th. For him, that's a hot streak, so let's jump on the bandwagon before he falls off.

So, there's your picks for Bristol.

A List
- J Gordon (24)
B List
- K Busch (2)
C List
- D Reutimann (44)

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