Monday, August 18, 2008

Rusty Reckons: Gibbs' True Colors

Some doggone honesty is mighty refreshing in professional sports these days.

Just yesterday, ole Rusty was puzzled, stunned, even bewildered by the shady actions of JGR.

Today, just like the man Rusty knew he could be, Gibbs stepped up and sounded quite contrite as he waits for his medicine from NASCAR. He didn't utter any cliche phrases or innuendo. Instead, he said, "we don't do this, but it happened, I'll fix it, and I'm sorry." He took *gulp* responsibility for the team which he leads.

My hat's off to you, Joe.


Now, through all of this mess, I think HHR & Rusty might have found a new closet fan. Mighty peculiar how Lee Spencer opens her column, just 1 day after ole Rusty penned this little post.

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