Thursday, August 14, 2008

Rusty Reckons: Michigan

Sprint cup is back in Michigan this weekend. Now, it could be that Michigan was the track where JR won earlier this year. It could be that there are only 4 more races till the chase begins. It could be the thin mountain air here are the feet of Pike's Peak. Whatever the reason, Rusty's giddy as a school girl.

Michigan has emerged as a great race track in recent years. With the wide multiple grooves of racing it's become a drafting track. Drivers who know how to get speed out of their car and "see the air" as SR claimed to be able to do, will run well here. The trick is just having the horsepower under the hood, or as JR showed awhile back, the right pit strategy.

So, who to pick for your fantasy team. As can be expected Ole Jimmie has gotten hot coming into the chase. I don't know if he'll be able to pull off the championship or the 4 consecutive victories from last year, but you never know. Knaus has got that team peaking at the right point. So, it's not a bad pick for this week.

B List is going to be a gamble. The Biff has been relatively quiet this year, but I think he's due for another top 10. Besides, at Michigian you always want to include different manufacturer's. It's the race in the manufacturer's backyard, so everyone tries to impress the car makers. With a Chevy on the A list, seems to Rusty a Ford (yuck) would be appropriate for the B List.

The C List? Let's go with a Toyota. Vickers has been one of the better C listers this year, and he was hot towards the beginning of the year. His finishes are improving, so he's probably not a bad pick for Michigan

So, there's your picks for Michigan.

A List
- J Johnson (48)
B List
- G Biffle (16)
C List
- B Vickers (83)

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