Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rusty Reckons: Watkins Glen

Yawn . . . Another boring road course race this coming weekend. Maybe Rusty'll watch the PGA Championship instead. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Yeah, who am I kidding. Well, if you are going to race on a road course, Watkins Glen ain't a bad one to choose.

It's a fast road course located in the redneck section of upstate New York (or so I'm told). The long straightaways allow the drivers to go quite fast at this track. It provides a little more excitement than the snail's pace Sonoma. So, who to pick for the fantasy pick?

On the A Team, I'm going to pick a hot driver, who's had a modicum of success at the Glen. Carl Edwards coming off a win at Pocono is on the rise, and I think he could run well if not challenge for the victory at the Glen.

The B Team presents a whole host of potential. I'm hearing word that Robby Gordon is the man to go with, and while I'll put him in my stable, not sure it's a good pick to start, and here's why. Robby's got consistency issues. Yeah, he runs well from time to time, especially on road courses, but his hot headed nature seems to keep him from consistent top finishes. That being said, I'm going to go with last year's winner of the hot-head award, Juan Pablo Montoya. Last year, JPM got his first and only win at Infineon. With his road course experience, he may get his second this coming week. At very least, look for him to run strong and be in contention towards the end.

Lastly, the C list. Not having a great deal of options, I'm sticking with Kvapil. He's running pretty good for an "also-ran", and as momma always says, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

So, there's your picks for Watkins Glen.

A List
- C Edwards (99)
B List
- J P Montoya (42)
C List
- T Kvapil (28)

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