Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Cadillac Mescallade: St. Reliable Cornerback, We Pray To You

The New Orleans Saints lost again this past weekend, this time to the Denver Broncos and by just two points. If you missed the game, they came back from a huge deficit and then Martin Grammatica blew a kick.

While normally I'd love to pin this one on Martin, mainly because he is more out of place in an NFL uniform than George Plimpton and his celebrations are made more for bowling alleys than football fields, I can't.

Once again, the Saints defense - the secondary in particular- has let them down. I thought everyone was in agreement that this secondary, while riddled with injuries, still couldn't get the job done. Then I read this article in the Times-Picayune. According to beat writer Jeff Duncan, the defense didn't do half bad and if it hadn't been for some miraculous catches by Brandon Jennings, perhaps Naw'lins wins this game.

Thanks for frosting the cake, Jeff, but the fact is (and I have no real facts on this) the Saints secondary routinely allows big play after big play in crucial games. It has been their achilles heel ever since they were a game shy of the Super Bowl against the Bears. They can score points with the best of them, but they just can't stop giving up big play. Like the hooker who can't stop buying drugs from her pimp, it's a viscious circle.

It has almost become predictable- they will force a third down, then the other team, much like how I play John Madden football, must just tell all their receivers, "go deep." And they air it out and move the chains.

The team has allegedly "addressed" this issue over the last couple of years with guys like Mike McKenzie (who was just getting over an injury himself), but something else needs to be done. You can't have a person giving up 7 inches to a receiver and expect them to accomplish anything - ala corner Tracy Porter, and Jason David has been getting abused so much they have coordinators on the sideline asking him to "show us on the doll where they touched you."

Owner Tom Benson perhaps you could spend less money on fancy indoor umbrellas and more on some guys for the secondary. Geaux Saints.

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