Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cashman, Trost in Trenton; Renew Thunder's PDC for 6 Years

Sports Center kicked off this morning with the Saux celebrating their playoff birth and a story questioning the status of the Bombers' decisions to pursue championships in recent years via free agency, and at the expense of their farm system.

Questions surrounding the future of GM Brian Cashman's tenure with the Yanks and the impact on the club his decision would bear, were featured in yaesterday's column by Buster Olney.

Meanwhile, this afternoon in Trenton, NJ, Cashman joined Yankee CEO Lonn Trust and Trenton Thunder officials in announcing the Player Contract Development Contract (PDC) agreement reached between the Yankees and their double A affiliate to run through the 2014 season - a six year deal, almost unheard of in Minor League Baseball.

Cashman and Trust, after a formal announcement and ceremonial contract signing, went on to talk with print and television media. We are working on uploading some audio files, but here are some interesting segments...

Asked how the success of the Thunder, back to-back Eastern League champions, translates in relation to the development of the big league club, Cashman responded:
"Fans come out to support these teams and it's our job to come up with quality talent to run through and develop. We have a player development program that we're executing that's first and foremost, and obviously if you can win on top of that, all the better, and especially for the affiliate. It gets real tough to try to sell a quality product if you're not putting a quality product on the field."
Cashman goes on to note a change of attitude in the club:
"There's a willingness in New York to give young players an opportunity, which opens up opportunity. I think there has been a change in the organization where we're not afraid to live or die with giving some young kids an opportunity and we've seen some positives and negatives with that, but I think it's the better way to go."
And finally, some kind word's for HHR's hometown:
"Everyone of our guys that has played here, has enjoyed playing here. That's not always the case in all the minor league affiliates where when they go through somewhere, sometimes people don't look forward to getting there because they've heard nightmares of that area or the community. That's not the case in Trenton. It's a wonderful place to play, a great place to spend the summer whether you're a fan whether you're working for the yanks as a manager, coach or player."
Come spend you're summers in Trenton, our staff will show you a good time.

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