Monday, September 29, 2008

Commercial CRitic: Amp’d Cliché with a Twist

I caught the Dale Jr. vs. the gorilla Amp commercial yesterday for the first time. While for some this may be old hat (Rusty), I do not watch cars going in circles.

The 800 pound gorilla metaphor has been driven into the ground so much so that I checked to see if it was the example used in Wikipedia for the definition of “cliché” (it wasn’t).

However, I must give credit to the folks at Amp for putting a unique twist on the metaphor so that it caught my eye. Or perhaps it was the fact that the family and I had just returned from the zoo and now I love gorillas because they actually moved (I knew I knew a Kenyan name).

In the end, the commercial did not mimic the 800 lb gorilla metaphor, which was most recently done by AXA Equitable Life with the talking gorilla representing retirement security. It took a page from one of the most famous Super Bowl commercials of all time that I think readers of this blog can well appreciate.

I am always in favor of physical comedy. If the gorilla would have bull rushed Dale’s nuts, I might have even tried an Amp Energy Drink.


Rusty said...

sweet mother . . .

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