Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Healing Powers of Hope

Here at HHR, we play fantasy football. That means you are going to hear about it.

For those of you like me who drafted Tom Brady late in the first round of your fantasy league, despite that feeling in your stomach that says "Stop it, You're being idiotic. All the warning signs are there! Run you ass!" I feel your pain. Why do we ignore this voice? It's so clear, so rational, and yet minutes later there we are with a strippers foot in our mouth and handing our wallet to the bouncer because he seems trustworthy .

First there was this.
Then This.
And this says nothing.
And now this?

People, this is serious. Last year Brandon Jacobs hollowed me out by getting hurt the first game of the season. Now every defender is going to be falling, stepping, or straight-up punching Brady's feet. I wouldn't be surprised if the Chief's Tank Tyler put two pieces of bread around Brady's foot and just started chewing. Not Good. There are too many possibilities for how Brady is going to injure his foot. It's like a cruel game of Clue.

Maybe what we need is to just put all the possibilities out there. Here at HHR we believe in harnessing the power/wisdom/misery of the collective. So we ask you - HOW IS TOM BRADY'S FOOT GOING TO BE INJURED?

Post your (plausible?) scenario in the comments. Should anyone actually get this right, perhaps there will be a prize. Like me choking your dog while you watch or something. Or a T-shirt. You decide.

1 comment:

Taylor said...

matt cassell might stab it to end the mystery once and for all... he heard about the idea when aaron rodgers and that kid from northern colorado were having a beer one night.