Monday, September 15, 2008

Iron Ref Round 9

Round 9 of HHR's Iron Ref kicks off with three new fresh contestants. This week's secret ingredient is:


Submissions will be posted and voting begins Wednesday morning.

The Russianator is neither Russian nor an "ator." By day, he's a mild mannered, moderately successful public relations professional and when he gets the time, co-editor of a blog only his Grandmother reads, 3 Idiots on Sports. When not spilling forth witty commentary, dopey pop culture references and rants about Syracuse University sports, he often spends time brain storming ways to make camel racing America's past time. A proponent of the 3 Ms – mustaches, mullets, and machismo, Russianator feels the world would be a better place if everyone drove El Caminos and referred to themselves solely in the third person.

Dr. C is a graduate of Southern Illinois University. He spent 4 years there as a Sports Anchor/Director. After deciding he didn't want to cover rodeos working 50+ hours a week making 20K in Buttfuck, Montana he decided to return home to Chicago. Dr. C is a real nickname he goes by for claiming to have a Ph.D in bullshit. He writes for Chicago Bull, where directs most of his hatred at Juan Uribe, and hopes one day to have a Jack and Coke with Kyle Orton.

Mike Hayes is the mastermind behind...wait, start again – anyone who refers to themselves as a mastermind is clearly, irrefutably a retard. Mike is the guy behind Steady Burn, a blog dedicated to fringe athletic prowess (there's a heaping lot about roller derby and kickball on this site). Though he wouldn't call participating in HHR's Iron Ref the greatest achievement in his life, it is certainly on par with the time he was playing campus golf (which is exactly what it sounds like) on the school grounds of his alma mater Fordham University, and a tour group passing by stopped to watch him place a flush sand wedge through the archway of the school's beloved Keating Hall. Every kid on that tour enrolled in the Fall, and since that day Mike has been lethargically pursuing a position as a pro caddy on the LPGA tour.

If you think you've got what it takes to be the ultimate Iron Ref, drop us a line. .


Pro-Hat Party said...

I am voting for mike, regardless of what they post, because I love that photo.

So I could either pretend to vote later, or just tell the truth and ask that my vote be counted early.

Ethanator1088 said...

"lethargically pursuing a position as a pro caddy on the LPGA tour"

lol :-)

pbrphila97 said...

All I keep thinking is Iron Ref, Mike Hayes, Iron Ref Mike Hayes. hmmmm, Iron Mike it just makes tooo much sense. That's a dangerous combination right there, just hope he doesn't bite anyone's ears off.