Monday, September 8, 2008

JET Brady Speaks

In case you were unaware, since even before his birth, the young spawn of Tom Brady has blogged and opined on all things that matter. He is equal parts confident and magnificent.

Today, however, things seem different. From Dreamboat Baby:
For once fellow citizens, I have no answers. This morning I do not feel like the pinnacle of man, the offspring of living gods, or the genetically perfect creation capable of miraculous healing and throwing footballs to the moon. No - this morning, like many of you, I woke up hoping it was a dream but all too quickly realized I had shit my pants yesterday. Mother knew something was wrong immediately when instead of the lavendar-scented golden treasures I usually leave in my silken diapers, I had instead crapped a pantload of Sacagawea dollars. I mean, you can't even give those things away.
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