Thursday, September 18, 2008

Olympian Matt Biondi...Dead?

You would think news of an 11-time Olympic swimming medalist would be news, especially given the explosion of news coverage following Michael Phelps' 2008 performance.

Resident Olympic expert Cadillac Mescallade pointed me to Matt Biondi's Wikipedia page today.

Apparently, Biondi "died" on September 11 of this year in a place called "Gaebarr" (get it?), Hawaii.

CM poked around Google, Yahoo and the NY Times and has found no other reference to the swimmer's passing (nor any reference to any place on the globe called "Gaebarr."

Screencap: 5:05 PM EST, 9.18.08

We thinks this is a homophobic attempt at "comedy."

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The Prophet said...

That's one of the great things about Wikipedia--it allows you to subtly heckle people you don't like.