Friday, September 26, 2008

Rusty Reckons: Kansas

Greg Biffle? Really? Rusty couldn't be more surprised if he woke up with his head stapled to the carpet (name that quote, movie buffs). Well, I don't want to jump the gun, but there's no way you can NOT pick the Biff for this week's race. He's hot, smoking hot, and with two consecutive victories is now coming to one of his better tracks. The bug-eyed-dummy has 3 top 3's in only 6 starts, including a win just last year. Biff also seems to like the cookie-cutter style tracks like Kansas. Of his 14 wins, 13 have come at intermediate tracks. So, don't change your B list, go with the Biff.

Now, what about the track? Like I said, Kansas is a cookie-cutter 1.5 mile speedway. Good set-ups that utilize the air to create downforce will help guys stay up front. The last two weeks, precision in the pits were absolute musts as track position mattered so much. Not that it doesn't matter this week, but passing is much easier and more likely, so track position doesn't play nearly as big a role. Hopefully, this means better racing, so let's go!!!!

Because Kansas is a cookie-cutter track similar to several other tracks in the Chase (Texas, Atlanta, Lowe's), a driver that runs well here will be a serious contender for the title. This means that since Rusty's predicted Jimmie's to win it all, it would only make sense that Jimmie should be this week's A list driver. With 3 top 10's in the last 5 races, he's a pretty solid pick according to the numbers too.

C list? Do we still have to pick a C list driver? It's the playoff guys, these guys have no chance of winning. Ugh . . . . Paul Menard? Sure, why not.

A List
- J Johnson (48)
B List
- G Biffle (16)
C List
- P Menard (15)

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