Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rusty's APB: Be on the Lookout For 3 Redneck Theives

Now, this is just funny, y'all.

Thieves made a fast getaway after taking three NASCAR racing engines from a well-known race shop in Mooresville.

Police say someone broke into the Roush/Yates engine shop and got away with three of the big Ford engines used by the team in the Nationwide and Truck Series.
What in the world do these rednecks expect to do with these engines? If Rusty was still sheriff, he'd be looking for the first broke-down FORD (Found On Road Dead) jalopy on the side of the road smoking, with 3 drunk-as-a-skunk Matt Kenseth fans standing around it.

Something tells me these fellas will get caught in short order, but man they are going to be the laughing stock of the pokie when they do.

Seriously, though . . . I was excited at first when I heard someone stole some race engines - thought we might get in touch with them for an HHR exclusive. Then I came to learn they were Fords and, well, those things are just engineered $50K paper weights that you've gotta Fix Or Repair Daily.

H/T: Jayski's Silly Season

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