Monday, September 8, 2008

Time to Face the Hole

On the heels of the greatness that is Most Extreme Challenge comes the adaption of yet another Asian Game Show, this time it is called "The Hole in the Wall" and it debuted on Fox last night.

Despite the complete stupidity of the entire thing I found this show tremendously entertaining, though only when watched through DVR (as the dramatic commercial breaks can be done without). If anyone missed this show it is on again Tuesday evening on Fox and I advise you to check it out.

Real simple: two teams of three face off in three different rounds. The first round is one vs one, the second two vs two, and the third three vs three. The contestants stand on a runway with a pool of water behind them as a large styrofoam cut out approaches them. They have to contour their body to fit through this space or otherwise get pushed into the drink. This is where the humor comes in as generally people can't get in position in time and get thrown into the water, the hi-lite of this comes in the upcoming previews where a very large woman has no shot in hell of fitting through any of the shapes. I can only hope they keep booking large people for this show because watching them try to fit through shapes would never get old.

A few questions...Why the lifeguards? The pool is about 4 feet deep. Why the ill-fitting silver suits that are a throwback to the Missy Elliot "Rain" video? Nobody looks good in these. Why must the announcer say the same exact thing everytime? And why is he perched above the crowd like some kind of sea captain searching for land? If we could fix these problems, this show would be fool-proof.


Taylor said...

its an even more dumbed down version of "wipeout"

feitclub said...

The silver suits are from the original game, which by the way was not a game show but a single game played only occasionally on a talk show in Japan.

Remember when somebody tried to make an entire game show out of Howard Stern's Homeless Person Quiz? Yeah, I didn't think failed, hard.