Monday, October 20, 2008

Cadillac Mescallade: Celtics Cut Darius Miles; Trailblazers Rejoice

Darius Miles, whose knee injury was deemed career ending by Portland Trailblazers team doctors, was attempting to buck the odds.

Miles had signed with the defending champion Boston Celtics in hopes of resurrecting his career. The Celtics cut Miles after he failed to comply with the NBA's drug policy as reported on and multiple other places. He was handed a 10-game suspension by the NBA before he could even get started again.

This should do nicely to blackball him from being signed by any other team - much to the delight of the Blazers. Had Miles played in anything more than 10 games this season, Portland was on the hook for a contract well over 40 million dollars (otherwise insurance picks it up).

Miles says he has no idea how he failed the drug test. Might the Blazers know? (cue the CSI: Miami opening, WAAAAAAAA!)

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