Monday, October 27, 2008

Iron Ref: Playoff Round 1

Welcome one and all to the final rounds of Iron Ref, where we pit previous winners against each other to determine the Ultimate Iron Ref (Ed: Ironer Ref?) of 2008! It begins.... NOW! KEEYAH!

Today's Secret Ingredient is


Here are those who seek the path to Kitsch-en Stadium glory:

Grimey is the creator of the blog LOL Jocks, where he takes photos of athletes and adds humorous captions. He's also a frequent commenter on Kissing Suzy Kolber, and has contributed fantasy football picks to Mass Hysteria. He would have used a photo where he has a little sunnier disposition, but goddamn is that one awesome beard. See his previous winning submission HERE.

Lady Andrea is a recent law school grad who has decided not to practice law so as to hold on to the remaining pieces of her soul. She can be found on Ladies..., Bugs & Cranks and Zap 2 It. She enjoys all things Iowa Hawkeyes and St. Louis Cardinals, her mom's cooking, bad reality TV and winning at Trivial Pursuit. She does not enjoy whiners, the Cubs, Those Guys, and people who start ignoring their fantasy teams thus allowing their opponents to walk all over them and snatch victory from Andrea's hands. See her previous wild-card worthy submission HERE.

Brian Bassett of, has blogged about the Jets (how about that for self-loathing?) pretty much every day since September 2004, starting his blog as a cathartic outlet due to living in and amongst "Patriots fans." You know Patriots fans ... they are that group of people who didn't exist before the team's second SuperBowl victory. Brian has unsuccessfully tried to ruin sites like FanHouse and The Grey Lady's football blog, Fifth Down. See his previous winning submission HERE.

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