Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Let's get naked and play some Steal the Bacon

We hope this guy doesn't turn out to have been an actual threat but we also hope there is more to the story...

A disoriented and ranting man entered the gymnasium at Ewing High School Monday afternoon and stripped off his clothes before being arrested, police and school officials confirmed. About 100 students were preparing to be dismissed from gym class around 12:30 p.m. when a man, later identified as 23-year-old township resident Jovan Ramos, got into the gymnasium lobby through an outside door, Superintendent Raymond Broach said in a statement.
Come on, the guy just wanted to join in a friendly game of punch ball. And we all know it's hard to run in jeans. Or underwear.

"While in the gymnasium, an obviously disorientated Mr. Ramos began disrobing and shouting religious platitudes," Broach said.

We couldn't tell you how many times we did this in our high school career. In the locker room right before gym. Went something like this...

"Jesus H. Christ, this gym crap is Goddamn joke. I just got dressed and showered for school an hour ago now I have to sweat like a whore in church. All for the amusement of that loser Mr. _______. You know he likes kiddie porn. Swear on the bible I saw it on his computer."

Let the guy play. He can be captain of the skins team.

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Anonymous said...

I go to that school, and i saw the guy.

It was quite a weird day, people were running down the hallways yelling hes got a gun, which would be next to impossible since he was naked!

but it was a crazy day to say the least.