Monday, October 13, 2008

Observations From This Weekend's LCS Games

What's harder to swallow? The Bud Light push to make baseball fans believe the beer is drinkable?

Or the fact that the MLB Playoff house band features a guy popped for drinking and driving with his 10-year old kid in the car?

That's why IIIII. Looooove. This Toooown.

Say hey. Say HEY!

Josh Beckett goes to great lengths to insist that he's healthy. Stops short of citing his voodoo charms as justification. Does not deny being a douchebag.

Phillies fans started a "Beat LA" chant in Philly on Friday to which Phil's radio announcer Larry Anderson commented, "I resent that."

Things a little tiring in LA:
  • Manny's (who is looking more and more like the wacky alien in the Ethan Hawke/River Phoenix 1985 classic "Explorers") pockmarks & mouthpiece.
Athletes can achieve their optimal performance by submitting to a dental procedure that combines electronic stimulation, measurement and analysis to create a custom "pure power mouthpiece" (PPM), according to its orthdondist inventor and others certified to perform the technique. As unlikely as it sounds, major league athletes such as the Boston Red Sox's Manny Ramirez are wearing the PPM to improve performance, sans drugs.
Hmmm. Does it also cause you to be batshit crazy and have your face break out in pockmarks? And I bet Boston fans love Manny going nuts over Billingsley not showing a "team-like" attitude in failing to retaliate when he gets hit by pitches. Beckett should have plunked him for tanking in Beantown.

  • "I love LA"
  • Tim McCarver
  • LA celebrity shots
  • Nomar's ADD
  • Russell Martin crying
  • Growing a beard does not make you Red Sox-esq.

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Pro-Hat Party said...

Explorers is one of my all time favorite movies.

"it's the stuff that...dreams are made of."