Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Old lady has kids by the balls

Remember that old lady on your block who liked to keep your balls when they went into her yard?

She is going to jail.....

Edna Jester, 89, of Blue Ash, Ohio, was arrested for taking a football away from kids in her neighborhood. Apparently, the ball kept landing in her yard and she was fed up. She refused police demands for her to return the ball, so they arrested her for petty theft.

Her husband was devastated but welcomed the attention from the neighborhood boys.

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Taylor said...

when i was young we had to suffer the punishment of losing a ball in the old, curmudgeon neighbor's yard... after years of it (and hundreds of sports balls later) we learned that we probably shouldn't be hitting a tennis ball at the neighbors window. i think that's called respect.

this douche bag calls the cops on her? what a joke of a human being