Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Reason #243 the buying of baseball memorablia is a sham

A football coach from Wyoming is trying to turn a profit with a homerun ball hit by....Jose Molina?

"Jose Molina kept the bat he used to hit the final home run at Yankee Stadium, wrapping it in a long white sock and carrying it home for safekeeping when the Yankees' season was complete. The spikes that the backup catcher wore when he clubbed the homer were sent to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., for display. And the baseball? Well, that could be yours
-- for a price.

Steve Harshman, a Wyoming state legislator and football coach for Natrona County High School in Casper, has decided to sell the ball at an auction this
weekend in New York."

This has to stop. There are only a few pieces of baseball memorabilia that should have any type of monetary value and they are all in the baseball Hall of Fame where they belong. Everything else is just someone trying to turn a profit. Not everything is a collector's item. Not every bloody sock, last ball of last whatever, toothpick, game chewed gum or steriod syringe is worth money.

Memories of great sports moments are all the memorabilia that anyone should need....

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