Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Selfish Coach Kutcher, Offers Little, Takes Much

I played football since I was 5. My coaches were always the biggest baddest mothers I knew. More importantly, they dedicated themselves to the sport. They taught you the sport, and in many ways, how to be a man - on and off the field. Never can I remember the situation being reversed. And never did they wear a Kaballah bracelet.

As for why he started coaching, Kutcher says that he's always wanted to coach, but was "afraid of the time commitment. I was afraid that I would look stupid. I was afraid that the players wouldn't listen to my football advice, I was afraid that the advice that I gave wouldn't be very good."
Ok. He's essentially admitting that he doesn't know much about football, much less coaching.

Ahhh why the hell not. Let me take a shot at shaping young, impressionable minds in a violent sport which can leave their bodies crippled or paralyzed if they don't learn proper technique.

It's all about the kids.

Or is it?
And he's also found he's gotten something out of the job as well. "Though coaching a football team is no great step for man kind I finding that it's a great step for me," writes Kutcher, adding "I'm not there to teach them, they are there to teach me."
Just what you want in a coach. Vince Lombardi would be proud.

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