Tuesday, November 4, 2008

73 year old man scores two in college hoops game

Just another reason why community colleges get an undeserved bad name at not taking things seriously.

I'm sure you have heard your local institution referred to as 13th grade, well in some cases the athletics ain't that far off either. Roane State Community College in the midst of a romp of the King College JV team inserted 73 year old Ted Mink into the lineup. Mink after several minutes of fruitless basketball was eventually fouled and made two free throws.

It was his first buckets in a college game in some 50 years when he last suited up for another powerhouse in Lees College in Jackson, Kentucky. He was kicked off that team for allegedly soaping his coaches office, a crime he claims he didn't commit, where is Gil Grissom when you need him? I gather the crime of soaping is filling the office with bubble bath, nowadays they'd give a guy a five minute feature on sportscenter for doing that.

Anyway, clearly blackballed by the NBA because of this incident Mink did a bunch of whatever until he recently wrote to area schools looking for a chance to lace them up once again. Witnesses said he scored an additional two points when he drove baseline unleashing a powerful two hand dunk while teabagging an opposing forward, but alas Mink stepped on the endline.

Regardless he scored his points and now I'm sure he is in a record book somewhere and somewhere else prospective high school seniors furiously fedex applications to Roane State.

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