Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Biggest Loser Goes Bat Sh*t Crazy

While most of my TV habits have changed now that there is a little person in my house who needs my constant attention, the one thing I seemed to have time for is the Biggest Loser.

This season was all about family - husbands/wives, and parents/children. So far, all of the contestants have seemed like the usual run of the mill, "losing weight because if I don't, I'll die" sort of mentality.

But, whereas in other seasons you are emotionally drawn in to the plight of these people, this season there are a few where you just can't help but not give a flying f*ck if they lose weight or eat themselves to death.

On last night's episode my hatred for a few of these contestants came to a head. Vicky is just bat sh*t crazy, and the most cocky, manipulative, maniacal contestant I have ever seen since the beginning of this show. While I've seen some contestants throw the weigh-in, back-stab, etc., I've never seen as much game playing as I have seen this year with this woman. In some cases with reality TV you suspect that editing is the reason for being made out like the "villain" but in this case she is just a f*cking lunatic. Plain and simple.

Vicky & Brady. She craps bigger than you. Out of her mouth.

After picking off other "threats" one by one, and manipulating and controlling teammate Heba (whose husband Ed got kicked off a few weeks ago then brought back last night), she felt as though her alliances were indestructible, and that she and husband Brady would be the #1 and #2 Biggest Losers, and therefore walk away with a total of $350K. This is her motivation. And considering she is doing well at losing the weight each week, that leaves me to one conclusion - she is a lazy, greedy bitch. Why else would she need to come on a show to lose weight?

In the beginning, you sort of feel bad too. They have two kids and their daughter is on track to become an obese child. But after you witness all this craziness, you can't help but feel like she is selfish, and that the health of her family is secondary to her ability to win a cash prize. Either that or she has the biggest ego ever.

Fast forward to the elimination. Brady (her husband) and black team member Michelle are up for elimination. There are 6 votes - 4 blue team members, and 2 black team members. Even asked what she felt about the elimination, Vicky couldn't even muster up a compliment about Michelle, and only said something about it being a numbers game and that she's confident Brady is safe.

Thankfully Amy C. got a pep talk from her mom, and decided to go out on a limb and vote for her biggest competition, Brady, making the vote a tie, and sending it to the deciding factor which is percentage of weight loss. Brady had the lowest, so he goes home. NBC did a great job of leaving the rest of the craziness for the preview of next week.

All you see if a handwritten note taped to what you assume is Amy C's door and it says "Revenge." Then you see Ed giving an interview where he says something to the affect of "Vicky is just crazy. You can't cross her."

Is she the leader of the fat mob or something? Its a shame. I usually have a nice cathartic cry with the contestants of this show because they are all pure and decent humans who genuinely care about the health and well being of their fellow castmates, and all appreciate the greater reason for being on the show - losing weight. Vicky has cheapened the message and ruined the meaning of what really is an empowering, uplifting reality show.

But b*tches bring ratings. NBC, you've won this time.


MariusJanulisForThree said...

Amy C's got some big brass ones after switching it up. That was the right move though...there's only so long you can stick with those alliances until you realize you're the next one to go.

Down with Blue Team!

Yes, I am a male.

Ariel said...

I mean, they didn't have time to deliberate so it isn't like she told anyone she was voting for Blue Team and then switched - Vicky just assumed. But it was 100% the right move. Heba is stupid because when push comes to shove, Vicky and Brady would have kicked her ass to the curb.