Friday, November 21, 2008

Cadillac Mescallade: Harrington a Knick, Just Great (No actually it is)

The Knicks finally started to make some moves in order to get in better position for LBJ come 2010. The first was trading Jamal Crawford to the Warriors for New Jersey's own Al Harrington. Normally I would be annoyed with this trade because Crawford was the guy doing a lot of the scoring for a team that was scoring a lot of points and surprisingly not playing that bad. Factor that in with Al Harrington being about as productive lately as Eminem, and you get the idea. But this is all about the money. Al will come off the books in time for the all important run at Bron and as we have all been hearing this trade is only supposed to be the appetizer to jettisoning Zach Randolph. Saying goodbye to Randolph is another key in freeing up cap space. It would potentially signal a return of Tim "Tough Nuts" Thomas - which I'm on the fence about. On one hand he may cause a very exciting bench clearing brawl. Yet on the other hand, he may launch 19 threes in one game and grab no rebounds.

That said, two things remain. The first, and many may disagree with me on this, but I say put Marbury out there. If Randolph goes as did Crawford, the Knicks have tragically hurt their scoring ability...might as well put Marbury out there. Roll the dice. The guy can score. That has never been doubted. He's leaving after this year, so those that feel the youngsters will be negatively influenced, they can re-blossom next year. In addition, perhaps he plays great and somebody gets drunk enough to want to trade for him offering some draft picks. That sounds nice to me.

The final issue is the 800 pound center in the room, and I speak of Eddy Curry. He, like Marbury, has been riveted to the bench for a long time but hopefully Walsh can do something to trick somebody into trading for this guy. Perhaps it's some reverse psychology they are using by not playing him. Save whatever is in the tank for a potential playoff run with a team, maybe some GM will buy this. We can only hope.

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S. Evans said...

I think you're spot on about playing Marbury. It's obvious that D'Antoni is just flexing his muscles by not playing. Like you said, it's only a year, may as well see if you can make the playoffs. Now, Curry is a BIG issue.