Monday, November 24, 2008

HHR Exclusive: Iron Mike's Shanghai Surprise

Sometimes, friends tell you stories and you think they're just full of sh*t. And then they go and show you a picture that backs it all up...

"So, it's my last night in Shanghai and I've been traveling for two weeks. After a few cocktails celebrating our long awaited return to New York, my coworkers and I head back to the Four Seasons for one final beverage in the lounge.

As I'm walking into the lobby, I see a pink shirt moving towards me. I hear a voice say "I noticed you earlier." I look over and there he is, Iron Mike. I swear his voice is not as high as it is in interviews, but tattoo is even scarier in person and his head must weight 30 lbs- it's massive.

Being slightly intoxicated, I thought it would be a great idea to invite him for a drink and get to know him better. We head up to the bar on the top floor and plant ourselves on some fluffy couches. Mike chooses to sit next to me, quite close. He tells me he is in town visiting a Maoist shrine and also to promote a club opening.

Iron Mike proceeds to order a cup of tea (he's totally straight edge now) and 7 bottles of Evian for his body guards / entourage that are peering at us from a few feet away. I don't remember too much from the conversation other than he thought I was "funny and fine." After not too long, Mike and his crew left the bar to head back to their rooms. He also left us with the bill of $74 worth of tea and water. My coworkers and I begrudgingly paid the bill and went back to our rooms. I would be lying if I didn't say I checked to see if my door was locked quite a few times before I settled into bed. Aside from the bill stiffing incident, he was actually quite the gentleman."

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Anonymous said...

That had all intentions of becoming a very, very bad situation. Alcohol + creeping Mike Tyson = typically not the best combo. Glad you kept the door locked.