Monday, November 3, 2008

Iron Ref: Playoffs cont'd

The Playoffs of Iron Ref continue as we winnow our way to crowning the Ultimate Iron Ref of 2008. Here are the three previous winners who now enter Kitsch-en Stadium and offer their inspired take on the secret ingredient:


The Russianator is neither Russian nor an "ator." By day, he's a mild mannered, moderately successful public relations professional and when he gets the time, co-editor of a blog only his Grandmother reads, 3 Idiots on Sports. When not spilling forth witty commentary, dopey pop culture references and rants about Syracuse University sports, he often spends time brain storming ways to make camel racing America's past time. A proponent of the 3 Ms – mustaches, mullets, and machismo, Russianator feels the world would be a better place if everyone drove El Caminos and referred to themselves solely in the third person. See his last winning dish here.

Evan is the founder/writer of Stanley Cup of Chowder and is one of 3 Bruins fans left in the Boston area. Having recently earned a Master’s degree, Evan is over-educated and unemployed. He currently resides with his parents, making him a self-parody of the stereotypical sports blogger… and yes ladies, he is single. When he isn’t compiling lists of Olympians with names that sound like genitalia or live blogging about racewalking at 2 in the morning, Evan can be found terrorizing goalies in his beginner’s hockey league. See his last winning dish here.

pumps out Top 10 lists like a cut-rate Ron Jeremy for Epic Carnival, and an uncut Ron Jeremy when he's writing about the NBA, NFL and MLB at Five Tool Tool, The Sports Blog That Loves You Back. His work has appeared on With Malice, FlatusYahu, In The Weeds, Fortress of Pillows, JVS Sports and more. He has been voted less cute than Dan Shanoff, but actually popular bloggers think he's dweamy, because he puts out and doesn't complain when you never, ever call. He lives in New Jersey, works in New York, roots for the A's, Eagles and Sixers, and has T-shirts that are older than you. Punk. See his last winning dish here.

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bma15 said...

Evan. Stanley Cup of Chowder. Not even close.