Monday, November 17, 2008

UF Columnist is Not Amused by Gator Nation's Sophomoric Humor

While the Gators left a bad taste in the 'Cocks mouths this Saturday, hammering the 'Cocks 56-6, going into the weekend, one Florida pundit was not amused by Gator fans' reference to their opponent's Cocky nickname.


Every year, without fail, my eyes are subjected to UF fans holding signs with that sophomoric drivel or some variant thereof — “Spurrier loves the Cocks,” perhaps, or “Block the Cocks.”

Enough already. We get it. They’ve probably been putting that catchphrase on T-shirts since before your parents were born.

If any of you bring those signs to Saturday's game, you’re no better than the opposing fans who bring the oh-so-trite "Teabag Tebow” messages into The Swamp or the countless Southeastern Conference fans who get joy out of adding “-eaux” to every word in their signs the week of an LSU game.

Gators fans are supposed to be better than that, supposed to be above the commonplace abuse that every other school surely throws in the Gamecocks’ direction. I know you can do better.
Sure you beat the hell out of the Cocks this weekend. But you're better than that, Gainsvillians. You're supposed to be the cock of the walk.

What? No (Chris) Smelley 'Cock reference?

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