Monday, December 1, 2008

Cadillac Mescallade: Saving Private Marbury

Photo: NY Post

Stephon "Starbury" Marbury who it appears is finally on his way out of New York assembled a string of glorious quotes in an article published in the New York Post today. went through and picked out the winners here.

Marbury, who by not being allowed to play this season by Knicks management had somehow almost earned martyr status in this whole mess, threw it all away with his tirade. The real highlights were referring to being in a foxhole and being shot in the head by his teammates. He would have preferred to be shot by the enemy, perhaps the Oklahoma City Thunder, but instead he was not given, in his words, "an honorable death." Who was holding that mythical gun? We can only imagine Plaxico Burress, but it was more likely Quentin Richardson who called out Marbury for hanging the team out to dry when refusing to suit up a few days back with the team in dire straights due to injuries at the guard position.

This whole thing is such a mess, but Marbury does make an interesting point. Nobody else on the Knicks got bent out of shape when D'Antoni wouldn't play Marbury (cough, perhaps that would have cut their minutes, cough) but when they had nobody else and they needed just anybody, now he is a bad guy. I'm not saying Marbury isn't at fault here, but this has just become such a circus I'm glad the curtain will finally be closing. My only hope is that Marbury will be granted a closing press conference when he leaves so we can hear some more amazing phrases from Coney Island's finest.

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