Thursday, December 4, 2008

Commercial CRitic: Canon Reveals Harsh Reality

As any publicist for an upcoming Disney starlet will tell you, being too cute can cause problems (see publicists for Vanessa Hudgens, Cheetah girl, Lindsey Lohan's private parts).

The new Canon Powershot commercials with Maria Sharapova attempted to be cute with nobody interested in taking a picture of the attractive, famous athlete, choosing instead the little mutt featured in previous commercials.

The too cute Canon commercial inadvertently showcases a harsh reality about women's tennis. The shelf life of these young athletes expires as quickly as the movie careers of genitals exposing celebutantes. It is easy to pass up Sharapova for the next cute thing that charms the public.

Canon highlights that Sharapova is not that special, there is a replacement for her simply a tournament or season away. Kournikova, Venus, Serena, Hingis, Hantuchova, a never ending string.

Hantuchova dares Sharapova to break a leg

In reality, female tennis players need the endorsements to stay relevant. Otherwise, they are unceremoniously knocked from their high horse with an early exit from a tournament where an attractive counterpart remains to heed the spotlight. Let's just hope that the next women's tennis player that catches our eye has more of an everyman appeal by not naming their lap dog after a highfalutin fashion designer.

The commercial very well may sell cameras in time for the holiday season. However, it did no favors for Sharapova or women's tennis by showcasing the sad reality of women's tennis.

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