Monday, December 22, 2008

CR Dunbar: Fox NFL Sunday Needs New Focus

I was watching Fox NFL Sunday yesterday and saw Jay "Oscar" Glazer's segment. He had the Fox exclusive that Jay Zygmunt would be fired as GM of the Rams either on Monday or Tuesday.

From the sense of it, it seemed that Glazer was breaking the news before even Zygmunt knew about it.

I humbly ask that they apply this news technique to their own show.

Admittedly, I have only seen about 80 percent of the Fox pre-game broadcasts this year. I watch it because I am sadly a follower of the Lions, and it is slightly more likely that Fox will have analysis of the game as the NFC station. However, this year the new Fox team has been gut-wrenchingly obnoxious.

The one upmanship between Strahan and Bradshaw needs to stop. They spend more time delivering and receiving jabs about pre-nups, balding and teeth, intertwined with inside jokes that require them to slap Howie, that the show has become more of an episode of "Til Death" with slow-pitch punchlines rather than a football program.

To add to the problem, Menefee does nothing to bring the topic to football, but fuels the flame for the two. JB would throw a shot to close out a segment and head to commercial, but Menefee gets caught overextending a segment by allowing more banter.

The public put up with the dimwit routine with Bradshaw to soften the military delivery of Long and the X and Os of the requisite coach (mostly Johnson). The addition of Strahan, who has been stroking producers for years to get a broadcasting job, has doubled the dimwit delegation and, subsequently, the focus of the show.

What does he add that he needs to be at the table crammed in like a ass on a toilet seat?

I would applaud the producers should they leak to and allow Glazer to announce that Strahan will be fired on the following Monday or Tuesday.

The show was tolerable and enjoyable as late as last year. The Strahan addition has turned the show into a deformed "The Other Half," and we all know how that turned out.