Friday, December 12, 2008

HHR Hugs it Out [12.12.08]


Syracuse, NY: The Complete Guide (FanFoodie)

Pro Athletes And Their Injury Alibis (YepYep)

Why I Hate Marko Jaric (MoonDog Sports)

Rick Tocchet Is, And Never Was, Smart (PSAMP)


Yuletide Party Drinks (The Bachelor Guy)

You are never to young to start drinking (Bright Black Internet)

Face haircut battle (Afrojacks)

Odd Jobs: Amenteur Moive star (9 to Fried)

Better principal: Mr. Belding or Mr. Feeny? (Strait Pinkie)

Hot and upcoming LA rock band The Pacific album release video (Banned In Hollywood)

How to get free and legal pics for your blog (the Jebbica)

Let's talk about chicks man.....

Sexy Body Painted Women (Gunaxin)

I can barely remember what Audrina’s boobs look like (Blog of Hilarity)

Unbelievably gorgeous ladies of the Lingerie Football League 2009 Calendar (Observation Bubble)

Young Coed learns early (The World of Isaac)

Holly Huddleston FHM Holiday lingerie shoot (Celebridiot)

Pam Anderson: Magic in Amsterdam (Epic Carnival)

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MMayes said...

I guess the "Best Principal: Belding or Feeney?" is to see who gets to face off with Principal Ed Rooney. He looks like Clint Eastwood and molests kids (allegedly), you know?