Tuesday, December 23, 2008

HHR Hugs it Out (12.23.08)


Ditka for Governor (NQTC)

Gators championship jerseys look sext (The Sports Culture)

What is the worst sports memorabilia you own? (Steady. Burn)

Worst sports transactions of 2008 (Gunaxin)

Let's talk about chicks man....

Jennifer Ellison goes NUTS with "her boobiest photo shoot yet" (Observation Bubble)

Happy Birthday Estella Warren (MoonDog Sports)

Heidi shows off why she is popular at Hills finale (Celebridiot)


The 15 Greatest Fart Scenes in Movie History (The World of Isaac)

5 terrible places to get caught having sex during the office Xmas party (9 to Fried)
Spend the Holidays at Ralphie's House (The Bachelor Guy)

I thought this was a vag (Afrojacks)

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