Monday, December 29, 2008

HHR Hugs it Out [12.29.08]


An Angry Chris Paul (The Basketball Jones)

Top 10 insult sports jersey Christmas presents (Epic Carnival)

A photo essay of the Lions season (The World of Isaac)

New Brunswick, NJ: The Legendary Grease Trucks (Fan Foodie)


6 Pack abs: The easy Way (Afro Jacks)

15 Hilarious Book Covers (YepYep)

The world's largest dump (This is Illuminati)

Bruce Lee Nunchaku Ping Pong - The Dragon has entered and he's kicking ping pong ball ass (The Bachelor Guy)

Get ready for The Unborn with this short film (Banned In Hollywood)

Let's talk about chicks man

Gisele Bundchen gets Engaged, Gunaxin posts Underwear Photos. Predictable? (Gunaxin)

When I Think of Football, I Think of Lesbians (MoonDog Sports)

Pamela Anderson tries to distract (Celebridiot)

Jessica Jane Clement is hot (Bright Black Internet)

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