Tuesday, December 9, 2008

HHR Hugs it Out [12.9.08]


Will Have the Definitive Puppy Bowl V Liveblog onSuper Bowl Sunday (PSAMP)

Jeff Garcia dates Hot Quarterbacks? (The World of Isaac)

Breakout Stars 2008 (Epic Carnival)

Hot USC Trojans Fans and Song Girls (Gunaxin)


The Best Of Yahoo Answers Idiots (YepYep)

Tila Tequila does a book signing….seriously (Celebridiot)

Watercooler of the future (9 To Fried)

Chocolate Bites Cause a Buzz (The Bachelor Guy)

Not sure which crash is worse: Photographer vs Biker (Afrojacks)

“It’s Always Sunny…” Charlie and Dennis create ‘Dayman’ & then the beat box commercial (Observation Bubble)

Top 10 ads that make you wonder (Banned in Hollywood)
Let's talk about chicks man

Sophie Moon: Santa’s Naughty Helper (MoonDog Sports)

Meet the new Rock of Love skanks (Gravy and Biscuits)

Coco fills out two magazines (Big Black Internet)

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