Thursday, December 11, 2008

Iron Ref: The Champ is a Chowder Head

Congratulations go to Evan at Stanley Cup of Chowder, who according to the commenters served up the best take on Playing Dirty, and according to our judges, sucked slightly less than his opponent. He will compete in the Finals against Lady Andrea next week for the title of HHR's Ultimate Iron Ref 2008.

The Judges this round were Matt Ufford of With Leather and Dewey Hammond of Yardbarker. Justice Daulerio was called away at the last moment. So here are the following cumulative scores -

Pic/Vid Selection64

Each is out of a possible 10. Dear Lord. If I may echo Judge Ufford's comment
Evan and Jeff both committed a common sports blogger error: they focused on other sports bloggers instead of sports, and were marked down accordingly. Let's try to minimize the circle jerks, fellas.
Let's keep that in mind for the finals, shall we?

Overall Comments or Remarks: He talked about hockey, and I wasn't bored. Pretty impressive. -- The Hon. Judge Ufford

Equally uninteresting but refreshingly less arrogant. -- The Hon. Judge Hammond

Jeff Pyatt
Jeff's entry was shorter than Evan's but felt longer. "USA #1, Canada lame, hockey irrelevant" -- all true, but all very tired points. -- The Hon. Judge Ufford

Yawn. -- The Hon. Judge Hammond

That's it. The regular season is done. The Playoffs are over. The Semi's are wrapped up. We have our finalists - Evan and Lady Andrea. Who will it be? What will the secret ingredient be?

If you have ideas for the secret ingredient to our final round, leave them in the comments!

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