Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Meet JoJo Bojanowski

JoJo, a forward on the Adrian College Bulldogs hockey team (or is it Nichols College?), has great eyes, a great body, great teeth, great muscles, a great family and is an absolute great catch. This according to his bat-shit crazy, anti-Semitic, racist mother (Mrs. B) on NBC's latest train wreck, Momma's Boy.

Mrs. B, while you can appreciate her honesty in outlining exactly the kind of gal she'd like for her son - a petite, white Catholic with non-divorced parents - you have to question her sanity in professing such in a diverse house with estrogen-filled, booze-fueled and attention-starved hussies.

Check out some of her footage here. And remember, she loves the blaques. She knows "half of the Detroit Lions."

Go Bulldogs.

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elleDolcezza27 said...

Of course Mrs. B does not portray herself very well with the homevideo on the show; that kind of thing is bound to happen on a reality show. They trick people into saying something, which they then turn around and put on air. So what, she's completely blunt. And you're right, at least she's honest.
Until you've personally met the lady, you can't speak for yourself.
I have, and she is entirely sweet.
Who's to say your mother's not exactly "all there" in the head?

It's all just for a good show. Just sit back and take it for what it is- entertainment.