Friday, December 5, 2008

Point/Counter-point: Ohio State or Boise State

Top Ten Reasons The Ohio State Buckeyes Should Go To the BCS by The Rev

1. It’s “THE” Ohio State University. Just by the name, you can tell it is a superior football institution above all others.

2. Boise State’s strength of schedule: 112. Just in case you’re keeping score at home, there are only 119 teams in the whole FBS (formerly Division I).

3. The Ohio State University’s strength of schedule: 11.

4. If we’re rewarding undefeated teams who play terrible schedules, why is Ball State not in the BCS conversation?

5. The next-big thing in college football is Tyrelle Pryor. The kid can throw, he can run, and he can throw on the run. Make sense? Big stars need big stages to play on – sending him to the Capital One Bowl would do both he and the college football watching nation a gross injustice.

6. Boise State are the poster boys for gimmicks, from trick plays all the way down to HDTV-destroying blue turf. The Ohio State University just plays big boy football – line up and see if you can stop them.

7. Who would match up well against Texas? The Ohio State University’s defense (yielding just 279.3 ypg), of course!

8. The big knock against The Ohio State University is that they looked terrible against SEC opponents in the past two national championship games. But tell me – has there been a better football conference than the SEC over the last three years? Nope. Say what you want, USC fans: Florida or LSU would have crushed you too.

8. The Ohio State University was unreasonably punished for losing at USC early in the season. Keep in mind, USC was #1 in the country, Todd Boeckman was still the starting at QB for the Buckeyes, and Beanie Wells was in a walking boot on the sideline.

9. The Big Ten will likely send 7 teams to bowls this season. The Ohio State University’s record against those bowl-eligible conference opponents: 4-1.

10. The obligatory Eddie George sighting on some college football media roundtable. Oh wait, that may be a reason NOT to send the Buckeyes …

Ten Reasons Why Boise State Should Be in BCS by The Cynic

1. Two losses vs. no losses. Period.

2. There’s a very good chance that Ian Johnson will inadvertently propose to someone, thereby extending Boise State’s season until Week 6 of “Divorce Court.”

3. Ohio State has already suffered enough in the last two BCS championship games. Putting them in the Fiesta Bowl against a really pissed off Texas team with a Mt. Everest-sized chip on their shoulders would just be cruel and unusual punishment.

4. Ohio State supporters will argue Boise State hasn’t played anyone, and say that their losses to USC and Penn State somehow show how tough they are. Are you following that logic? Their losses somehow make them good. Only in some kind of Columbus-based bizarroworld in which everything is backward would that even begin to make sense. (Actual photo of Jim Tressel’s evil twin. )

5. Ohio State fans will say it’s not about fairness, it’s about money and how they will put lots of Buckeye butts in the seats. They’re right, it is about money. What will become of the companies who just spent millions of dollars on an ad campaign to run during the BCS, only to have 80% of the country tune out when Texas is up by 30 on the Buckeyes at halftime? Ohio State isn’t just bad for the BCS, it’s bad for the economy. I sure that the folks in Michigan would agree with me that the Detroit auto industry’s problems are somehow Ohio State’s fault.
This unbiased panel of economists says “no” to the bailout of Ohio State.

6. Quick, think of a recent Boise bowl game scoring play. You’re thinking about the Statue of Liberty, aren’t you? Now, think of a recent Ohio State bowl game scoring play. Take your time. I can wait.

7. In two games against top-five teams this year, the Buckeyes have scored a total of nine points. Nine. That is one point for every 13.3 minutes. Think about that—almost a quarter to score one point. Is that the kind of offense you want to see go against Colt McCoy?

8. If you don’t pick Boise State, the Broncos may be stuck playing a home game in the Humanitarian Bowl against Maryland. What did Boise State ever do to you?

9. You’re still trying to think of a play for #6, aren’t you?

10. Blue turf is way cooler than sweater vests.

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